Vintage Picture Jasper Statement Necklace


Known as the "supreme nurterer", jasper is a stone said to ground people and provide stability. With its beautiful striatations of earthen colors, it has deep ties to the earth and spirituality. It's considered a great stone of protection, and has been used in amulets for antiquity. This picture jasper is magnificent - it is reminiscent of a Western desert scene. It's beautifully encased in a sterling silver handmade bezel setting, and we've created a custom chain for this piece. A truly remarkable work of craftsmanship.

Please note that any coloring or shading you see on the silver bezel setting is shadows - the setting is so shiny and bright that it reflects at any angle and it's very difficult to get a crisp picture!

HISTORY: Pre-1980's, but difficult to date precisely. It is signed with the craftsman's mark of "AZ" on the back.

MATERIALS: Jasper and sterling silver

SIZE: This is a statement piece, with the pendant measuring approximately 2" north to south and 1 1/4" east to west. We've placed it on a custom 20" sterling silver chain.

CONDITION: Fantastic condition. The chain is new and custom made for this piece, and the pendant is in great shape with very few scratches.

A perfect necklace for the lover of Native American jewelry or the Southwest.

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