Hand engraving, enamel & filigree. Recycled metals & stones.

Meaningful, Ethical Jewelry made in Philadelphia

I am a Philadelphia jeweler who believes in honest, bold, beautiful storytelling through the medium of jewelry. I also believe in creating jewelry that directly supports the local economy and local artisans.

Hand engraving by Lisa. Hand enameling by Joan. Each step along the way has a local face and name on Jeweler's Row in Philadelphia, ensuring that those art forms stay alive. As someone who worked for an environmental nonprofit for over a decade, I also believe strongly that art and sustainability can go together. Each piece is crafted from recycled metals and reclaimed stones.

From Engagement Rings to Mourning rings

While I love creating engagement and wedding pieces, I am also a jeweler who translates grief and life transitions into beautiful objects. All of our stories matter and deserve to be told, and you'll find that I dive deep where many other jewelers will not.

Custom Jewelry

My custom jewelry process is a collaborative space where you and I work together creatively and bring your deepest vision to life. Through conversations, vision boards and collaborative sketches, nothing is hidden and you become the artist. I also offer heirloom redesign, to create something new out of the jewelry you no longer wear. You'll see in the portfolio that my custom designs are unique and sentimental.

Vintage and Estate Jewelry

I love a good story, and vintage jewelry captures the best of them. I offer vintage jewelry from the Georgian and Victorian era 1800's, through the roaring 1920's, up through the age of hip hop 1990's. From antique engagement rings and wedding bands, to retro cocktail rings and special lockets, I curate vintage treasures carefully.

Jewelry that is thoughtfully wrapped and shipped

I securely and promptly ship jewelry, and many things in my shop can be shipped worldwide. Shipping is free for domestic customers and low cost for international. I package with care and send out with love. Each package feels like a gift before you've even opened it.

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