custom designed jewelry, Philadelphia made jewelry, lost wax casting

"What Stacey created is far beyond what I could have imagined.  Not only has it become a beautiful piece of art displaying my story, but the process itself has been incredibly healing and therapeutic."   

- Rebecca Frances Zacher 

"Together we developed my story into a striking piece of art...Now I have a unique piece of jewelry that is all my own - something that turns what was just a story into a tangible reminder of my experience and goals. Everyone should have such a special memento in their life."

- Lesley Curtis 

Custom Jewelry Online and In Person

From rings on a wedding day, to ancient jewels adorning the dead, jewelry holds our dreams and our hopes. It marks the past and inspires the future.

Do you have a vision you’d like to see come to life? Or a special occasion deserving of a unique piece of jewelry? I'd love to work with you to develop your ideas into an original custom piece.  To get inspired, see how Jean and Todd worked with us on a special anniversary band and Kylene created a stunning emerald ring as a gift to herself. 

Personalized Jewelry through a Collaborative Process

custom designed jewelry, Philadelphia made jewelry

We pride ourselves on being both personal and professional. We will help you you choose the materials, precious stones and other elements that are the perfect fit for your vision. Here is a glimpse into the custom process.

Custom Design Questionnaire 

It all starts with a custom design questionnaire. These questions help you to think more deeply about the piece you'd like to create.  Some questions you may answer easily, while others may take a few conversations together to assess.

Contact us to receive the questionnaire. 


custom designed jewelry, custom design questionnaire

I'm a big believer that jewelry should be made collaboratively. Unlike jewelers of the past, I don't think things should happen behind closed doors. Thus the design process is an open and engaging one, where you and I together co-create the design for your jewelry, and then my team and I work to bring it to life. This involves conversations by phone, in-person (if you're local) and by email, as well as a vision board we create.

Sketches & Iterations 

custom designed jewelry, custom jewelry sketch, custom engagement ring

Once we have had sufficient conversations and visioning, typically after 1-2 conversations, you are presented with several sketches of potential designs. We then have an additional conversation to narrow down your choices and move towards a final design.  For many designs you will also see a CAD rendering of the piece to help visually bring it to life for you prior to crafting it. 

custom designed engagement ring

Handcrafted in Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia made jewelry, Philadelphia Jeweler's Row, custom designed jewelry

Once we come up with the design, each piece is handcrafted in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from recycled metals and ethical stones.  We can also use metals and stones from pieces you no longer wear or which represent family heirlooms you'd like to redesign.

heirloom redesign jewelry

A Healing Process

While some custom projects are fun and celebratory, others are focused on more difficult topics like remembrance pieces or the use of heirloom stones from a beloved family member.  At Stacey Fay Designs we specialize in jewelry that is meaningful and sentimental, and which can represent a healing and celebratory process, even for difficult stories.

Interested in a Custom Jewelry Design?

If you are interested in a custom piece of jewelry, first see our Memoir Jewelry and Revival Jewelry lines for existing pieces which can be crafted to your story using custom enamel colors, engraving and gemstones.

If you prefer us to design a custom one-of-a-kind piece together, please reach out to us on our contact page and take a peek at our custom work portfolio for ideas and inspiration.  We look forward to working with you!