Custom Emerald Ring - A Gift from a Mother to Herself

Kylene Cleaver of Leave It To Me Photography and I have collaborated dozens of times over the last few years, from styled photoshoots to product photography. Yet the most special of collaborations came recently when Kylene and I worked together to bring to life an Art Deco inspired ring.  We created a unique ring that fit her creative style while using stones from some sentimental pieces she owned. Read on for Kylene's story in her words and to see the beautiful ring!

Life Is Different After a Baby! 

It all started in 2005 when I became pregnant with my son. Pregnancy was not kind to my body including my fingers growing 2 whole sizes. You see, I have not been able to wear my wedding band or any pre-pregnancy rings for the better part of 14 years.

Fast forward to meeting Stacey and working together on photoshoots over the past few years. I knew if I was going to have a special piece made, it was going to be with her. We both have a real love for all things vintage, from clothing, to furniture, to the best of all... jewelry!! 

Making a New Ring Out of A Wedding Band - Heirloom Redesign

heirloom redesigned jewelry Philadelphia

My husband knew how much I missed wearing my wedding band. He would watch me take it out of its box and hold it all while knowing it would no longer fit.

I finally proposed the idea of having something new made. Something that was special to me that I had been dreaming of for years. Something that incorporated not only the stones from my wedding band and from the first ring he had given me, but also my birthstone.

Choosing a Special Emerald

Enter Gauri from Licha Diamonds, fate put me in her path by way of a local women’s networking group. Through following them on social media I inquired about any emeralds that were for sale. After meeting with them and seeing the options I ended up with the center stone. Something about it grabbed my attention. The color, the inclusions, the shape spoke to me. 

Working Together on a Custom Designed Ring

custom designed jewelry Philadelphia

At this point I contacted Stacey. We looked at shapes, styles and the meanings behind symbols and engravings to create a design that fit me best. My husband even got in on this and helped pick out the inspiration for the final design. He said “This one seems the most you. I could see you wearing that.” 

We chose an Art Deco inspired design with some of the details I love most about vintage jewelry - filigree, nature themes (under the setting has leaf shapes), milgrain and eye-popping details.

vintage custom designed ring Philadelphia

leaf filigree custom ring made in Philadelphia

custom emerald and diamond ring made in Philadelphia

An Intimate Custom Jewelry Design Process

custom jewelry design in Philadelphia, PA

Being a creative I have found this process so interesting from the initial drawings to the final marvelous piece.  

I honestly can’t thank Stacey enough for walking me through this process, but also letting me behind the scenes to capture the whole process!! 

custom jewelry design wax model

Jeweler's Row Philadelphia jeweler

Interested in a custom designed piece made by hand right in Philadelphia? See our custom design page to get started.

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