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Memento Mori Ring with Skull and Flowers


Memento Mori: a reminder that death is inevitable for us all, and to appreciate each moment we're given.

An Antique Memento Mori Ring Made Modern

Modeled after a Death's Head Memento Mori ring from 1733, this ring is entirely hand carved and cast in recycled 14k gold in Philadelphia.  Our ring includes the familiar symbols of mourning and Memento Mori of that time - a skull and flowers (symbols of death and the fleeting nature of time) as well as scrolls (a symbol of the afterlife, pain and healing).  Each ring is darkened to highlight these intricate details.  

By the early 18th century, rings of this type were common and often of similar design, with many examples of this style in the British museum and elsewhere.  At the time these rings would have been given out after a death to friends and family, often with engraved initials on the inside of the band.

Each Ring is Hand Carved and Cast in Philadelphia

Some important details of this special piece:

  • Each ring is entirely hand carved in wax before being cast in metal, and therefore each one is completely one-of-a-kind and will differ slightly from the pictures you see here.
  • Rings will take upwards of 6 weeks to complete.
  • The ring in the pictures is green gold; you may choose yellow, green or rose gold for your piece. 
  • The ring is 5mm in width
  • An inside engraving of initials is possible for a slightly increased cost, please be in touch directly to discuss.

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