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The Heartbreaker Ombré Enamel Signet


You're a heartbreaker

Dream maker, love taker...

{Pat Benatar}

Modeled after a heart signet from the 1980's and made modern with ombré colors, this piece is a knockout for your jewelry collection.

Ombré Ring - Where You're the Designer!

You get to choose three enamel colors, which are mixed together for your own special ombré blend - no two rings are alike! Seen in the photos is a green gold ring with shades of pink and yellow enamel.  Also available are sterling silver and 18k yellow gold, prices varying for each.

Champleve Enamel Jewelry - Made to Last

Joan Strott-Alvini is a Philadelphia-based enamel artist of over 30 years. Joan hand enamels each heart ring using a hot enamel process, where the ring is fired in a kiln at high temperatures, fusing its color into glass. This specific technique is called champleve enamel (with a transparent ombré). It's a highly specialized skill, resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

The Perfect 1980's Pinky Ring

This piece was originally cast from a children's ring from the 1980's, so it was teeny tiny and we enlarged it a bit. Given its original size, the largest we can make this particular piece is a size 6. It makes for a great pinky, ring finger, or child's piece.

Jewelry Made Sustainably in Philadelphia 

This ring is crafted from recycled metals and made start to finish in the City of Brotherly Love. You are supporting an entire team of small artisans when you adorn yourself in this beauty.

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