Flapper Sautoir Beaded Necklaces


Whatever color you choose - vibrant yellow, calming blue or iridescent copper - these 1920's sautoir necklaces are incredibly beautiful and versatile pieces for the wardrobe. Two of these, the blue and yellow, are already knotted but can be unknotted and worn any way you'd like, and the copper piece is unknotted and long. All three of these were handwoven back in the 20's with thread and glass beads - incredible craftsmanship.

You can't get much more classic flapper than these! All three of these were used in a Peaky Blinders' inspired photoshoot, which will be published in an international magazine in March 2018 (see last photo)!

HISTORY: 1920's Art Deco

MATERIALS: Thread, glass beads

SIZE: At their current knotted lengths, the blue and yellow each measure 25" long from the neck, and the copper (since it is not yet knotted), measures a total length of 67"

CONDITION: All three necklaces are in good shape, but the copper colored one is in the best shape of the three. Both the blue and yellow pieces have some strings coming from the bottom tassels, although none of these have beads falling off and the strings don't appear to compromise the necklaces' integrity.

Such 1920's glamour!

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