Victorian Pearl and Pink Tourmaline Gold Charm Necklace


While this charm is incredibly dainty, it is also incredibly detailed and vibrant. A substantial tourmaline stone is its centerpiece, with four small pearls encircling it. The style of this piece has a likeness of a cross, or even a four-points/directions piece. Tourmaline is the birthstone of October (along with opal), and symbolizes both protection and creative energy. It's a stone that was often mistaken for rubies over the centuries. We've placed this charm on a new-old-stock gold filled chain. This piece would make an absolutely beautiful bridal necklace or gift.

HISTORY: early 1900's Victorian, as evidenced by style of the charm and the old cut of tourmaline. Likely converted from a stick pin at some point in its history.

MATERIALS: 14k yellow gold charm with pearls and tourmaline. The chain is 12k gold fill.

SIZE: The chain is 16". The charm measures 3/8" east to west and 5/8" north to south when the jump ring is included. The tourmaline stone measures 5 mm (approximately half a carat), and each pearl measures 1 mm

CONDITION: Great condition. The tourmaline and pearls are vibrant and have only minimal wear.

A really stunning piece, and such a beautiful tourmaline stone. *Please note the antique box not included with purchase.

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