Aquamarine and Peridot Toi et Moi Ring


A unique and absolutely stunning double stone ring, with earthy and symbolic peridot and aquamarine. Peridot is ancient; it has been found in comet dust and meteorites. It has always been associated with light in cultures over the centuries. Aquamarine comes from the Latin for seawater, believed to keep sailors safe at sea, and used as a talisman around courage and spiritual centering.

This ring not only has this gorgeous combination of colors, but has the Toi et Moi ("me and you") design, which looks like an abstract double headed snake ring. It also has a good deal of height to it off of the finger, with soft curves.

HISTORY: Retro, estimated 1960's.

MATERIALS: 14k gold, peridot, aquamarine

SIZE: Ring size 4.5. Each stone measures 5.5 mm x 7 mm, approximately .75 carats each. The ring weighs 4.14 g and the "rise" of it off the finger is 4mm.

CONDITION: Overall great condition. The bottom of the band is thinner - this was a ring wore often! - but otherwise no flaws to report. The stones are in great shape as well. There are light scratches throughout the band.

A truly unique ring.

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