Victorian black enamel and pearl mourning locket


This is one of those pieces that when I acquired it for the shop, I literally gasped at its beauty. This is a locket which has been well loved, and has a tremendous amount of history to it. Black enamel lockets from the Victorian period are increasingly rare, as often the enamel would chip or crack over the years. This one has managed to survive and can now be given a new life.

HISTORY: Late 1800's Victorian period. Black enamel lockets were a trend in the Victorian period; often these lockets represented mourning pieces, but the use of black in jewelry was also the style of the time. This locket has its original photo of a Victorian woman. I acquired this locket from France!

MATERIALS: Black enamel over metal, likely copper (it's impossible to test the metal since the entire locket is enameled). Pearl. New black silk and sterling silver chain.

SIZE: The chain measures 16". The locket measures 1 3/4" in total length including the bail, and 1" in width.

CONDITION: Well loved condition - this is still a very usable and beautiful locket, but definitely shows some wear from age. The enamel is nearly all intact and the original glass insert is still present - rare for the age of the piece. The locket clasps securely and the glass insert shuts tightly over the photo. As far as condition issues - there is a bit of wear to the enamel near the hinge, around the pearl, and in the area where the locket opens. There is a bit of rust to the metal that holds the glass insert (all these issues can be seen in the photos). The enamel on the top of the locket also has some texture to it (e.g. is not completely smooth). The glass insert is loose in its frame.

An absolutely stunning and truly special piece.

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