Victorian Silver Mourning Locket With Buckle Motif


This locket is one of those Victorian pieces that feels like a work of art - engraved in great detail on the front of this locket is a buckle, a long-held symbol of everlasting love, fidelity and loyalty. Since a belt/buckle overlaps on itself and locks, it creates an eternal loop, which gives it this symbolism. Buckles have also been viewed as protective talismans.

The motif was often used in mourning jewelry in the Victorian era, but it was also used in everyday sentimental jewelry during that time. This locket, with a hallmark for Birmingham, England, was made in the very epicenter of Victorian jewelry.

Inside are two black and white photos of what appear to be brothers. This is certainly a well loved piece - the various dents indicate it was worn often and everyday. We think the combination of the buckle symbol and the history to this piece make it a true treasure.

HISTORY: Late 1800's, hallmarked for Birmingham, England. There are several other hallmarks which are now worn down.

MATERIALS: Sterling silver locket and chain (chain is new), pictures.

SIZE: Chain is 18" in length. The locket is 1 1/8" long (not counting jump ring) by 13/16" wide.

CONDITION: Well loved but beautiful. There are numerous dings in this locket, front and back, as can be seen in the photos, but it claps shut securely and the hinge is tight. It's missing the protective covers on the inside for photos; the left photo will fall out when you open it (and you can easily affix your own in there), but the right one stays put.

A perfect piece for the person who loves Victorian jewelry, mourning pieces, or is seeking a highly sentimental locket.

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