WWI Locket with Eagle and Religious Medals


A rare and unique wartime locket, with the symbolic USA eagle on the front, lovely engraving on the back, and a hinged religious medallion inside. The initials engraved on the back are "CH". With the olive branch in one talon for peace, the arrows in the other for war, the banner in his beak, and a handful of stars above his head, this is the same eagle you will see on many different government documents and seals. The hinged religious medallion inside has Mother Mary on one side and Jesus on the other.

A touchingly sentimental locket from WWI timeframe, this was likely worn and cherished by a mother or wife of a man serving in the war, making it a sweetheart locket. It's a remarkably special piece.

HISTORY: We estimate this as WWI timeframe, given the patent mark on the inside of the locket (for 1911 - making it likely that this hinged mechanism would still be in place by the start of the war), and the style of engraving.

MATERIALS: Gold filled locket and chain.

SIZE: This locket measures 7/8" in diameter. The chain is 18".

CONDITION: Overall great condition. The locket opens and closes as it should, and it still has its locking mechanisms inside to hold photos. There are a few very minor areas of wear to the gold fill, namely on a few edges and the hinge. There is a tiny bit of veridis inside the locket on the corner of one medallion and underneath the locking mechanism.

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