Silver Antelope Pin


An amazingly detailed and handcrafted antelope pin, with the animal in its well known mid-leap stride. The striations in the horns, combined with the skin/rib wrinkles along its side, give this piece a very life-like feel, where it will look as if it is leaping across your clothing. Antelopes are known for symbolizing intelligence, grace and strength.

We acquired this piece from an estate that had a lot of other jewelry from a woman's travels across the world, so there is a good likelihood this was purchased during an African adventure.

A really neat piece with excellent craftsmanship.

HISTORY: Estimated 1940's/1950's

MATERIALS: Sterling silver

SIZE: The antelope measures 1 3/4" from back hoof to front hoof, and 1 1/4" in height from horn to front hoof.

CONDITION: Gorgeous vintage condition. The clasp works well, and the details are sharp.

This would make a lovely gift for the person "leaping" into a new adventure of any kind!

*Please note antique box not included with purchase.

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