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Mexican Silver Fringe Earrings

Long, dangly and creating a beautiful fan shape effect on the ear - Mexican made silver fringe style earrings. Measuring at a total of 3" long, these are definitely statement earrings, but the slim silhouette of its components also create a sleek and minimalist look. These are a hodgepodge kind of earring - Alpaca silver screw back pieces with the rest in sterling silver. If you are allergic to nickel and would like me to replace the screw back with a sterling ear wire, I can do so, just message me.

These are really fun bohemian pieces!

HISTORY: 1940's. Stamped with the eagle silhouette mark on the back.

MATERIALS: Alpaca silver screw back pieces (Alpaca is an alloy of copper, zinc, nickel and sometimes a small bit of silver - a very common alloy in Mexican silver pieces) and sterling silver elements. Stamped "Alpaca" on the back of one of the screw back parts.

SIZE: These are statement pieces! The measure 3" in total length and the fan spreads out to 1 1/4" on each earring. They are surprisingly lightweight for their size.

CONDITION: Good vintage condition. The screw back mechanisms work well, and there are no missing parts. There is a patina to the screw back posts.

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