Mexican Silver Red Jasper Earrings


Jasper of all kinds has been used in jewelry since ancient civilizations, believed to be a powerful talisman of protection, both physical and spiritual. Red jasper is the stone of endurance, believed to enliven the "chi" or core energy of the body.

These earrings have brilliant red jasper stones set into a decorated sterling silver setting. The stones are an earthy red color with slight striations of black throughout them. These have a wonderful Native American feel to them, and were at one point crafted by skilled artisans in Mexico.

They are statement pieces, but not too heavy.

HISTORY: Estimated 1980's

MATERIALS: Sterling silver and jasper stone

SIZE: The earrings measure just about 1" in length and slightly less than 1" wide.

CONDITION: They are in excellent condition.

A perfect earrings when you're looking to add some color to your outfit!

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