Sterling Silver and Garnet Circle Earrings


The symbolism and spiritual rootendess of garnets goes back centuries - in early Egypt, it was associated with the Blood of the Isis, the goddess of healing and awakening, in the Bible the garnet came at the end of Noah's Ark to show the way through the flood, in the Quran the heavens burn bright with the light of them, and the Native Americans used garnets in dream catchers. Across the years, garnets have represented protection, healing and guidance. In modern times, they represent an everyday talisman.

Lovely, dainty and simple silver garnet earrings. The size and design of these earrings make them versatile go-to pieces in your wardrobe.

Stamped "Thailand", these are "lighter" vintage, early to mid 1990's

Garnet and Sterling silver

Each earring is 7/8" by 1/2". The garnets are 3/16" (approximately 4mm).

Great condition. The garnets are scratch-free, and the earring mechanism works well. We've left a very slight patina on these earrings, to maintain its history and character.

Simple, straightforward and beautiful.

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