Antique Gold Filled Bracelet with Locket Faces


Rare and truly one-of-a-kind; an antique bracelet that holds 7 pieces of what appear to be former buttons or locket fronts, handmade into a link style bracelet. This piece is unique not only for the pieces themselves, which are varied and depict several natural scenes, but also for the fact that this was handmade many years ago and the detailed craftsmanship is evident.

Each of the buttons has beautiful engraving, and are definitely of different ages. Some appear Victorian, others upwards of the 1930's. My favorites are the lighthouse button with its tri-color gold and rhinestone moon, and a scalloped button which is also tri-color and depicts a rosy flower. A piece like this is valuable for its history, its craftsmanship, and its uniqueness. It's also of substantial weight.

HISTORY: Made in the 1930's based on the style and clasp, but the buttons are of various ages going back to Victorian times.

MATERIALS: Gold filled metal.

SIZE: This bracelet measures 6 5/16" in length. The buttons are of different sizes, but most are around 3/4" in diameter/width.

CONDITION: Well loved but good condition. All of the buttons are in great shape except for one which has some surface wear, as it's definitely one of the older ones of the bunch. There is a deep patina to the chain and the back of the buttons which I've left intact, and some wear to the gold fill on the clasp.

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