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Dogwood Flower and Hearts Baby Bangle

While all baby bangles are incredibly sweet, this bracelet is made sweeter with small dangling hearts all along its edge - a design I've never seen before in a children's bracelet! All along the outer band is beautiful floral and curved details, with flowers resembling dogwood flowers. The Victorians often gifted a dogwood flower bloom to show love; the combination of the dogwood flowers and hearts on this piece definitely make it a strongly symbolic bracelet, perfect for a meaningful gift for a special baby in your life.

HISTORY: This piece dates to the early 1900's, Victorian period.

MATERIALS: Gold filled metal

SIZE: This is a small bracelet, most suitable for a child around the age of 1 (see photo with this bracelet on my 11 month old's wrist). The circumference measures 5 3/4 and the width of the piece is 5/16".

CONDITION: Absolutely beautiful condition for its age! I have cleaned this up some but have left a bit of patina.

What a wonderful gift this would make!

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