Mid-century Danish Deer Panel Bracelet


An outstanding and beautiful mid-century modern bracelet, featuring 7 panels with deer silhouttes. Deer are symbolic in many cultures; to North American Native Americans, they were considered messengers, and a totem animal. In other cultures, they symbolize harmony and happiness. Made by the famous Danish metalsmiths Eiler & Marloe around the 1950's, the skilled craftsmanship to this piece is evident from the detail of the deer, to the links between each panel, to the sturdy and well made clasp. It's a perfect bracelet for the animal lover.

HISTORY: E&M for Eiler & Marløe of Copenhagen (1920-1967). This piece is estimated 1950's.

MATERIALS: Sterling silver

SIZE: This bracelet measures 6 3/4" in length. The opening, when closed, is approximately 2 1/4". Each deer panel measures 7/8" by 5/8".

CONDITION: Beautiful condition. There is a very slight patina to parts of the silver,which I've kept intact as it gives the piece depth and character. No flaws.

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