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Rare Chinese Export Ladybug and Flower Enamel Bracelet

A rarity and stunningly beautiful - an Art Deco Chinese export bracelet, with absolutely incredible silver and enamel craftsmanship.  Each of the four panels in piece is adorned with two ladybugs (symbolizing good luck!) and a four petaled flower. The enamel is vibrant; the ladybugs are orange, green and black, and the flowers are light and dark blue with an orange center. The metal backplate to each panel has a fine chain metal look to it, and is domed with a cannetille filigree base that sits against the wrist.

The combination of the filigree style with the incredible enamel work and the nature theme makes for a piece you will never find again. This is in excellent condition, hard to find, and priced right- don't miss out on this!

HISTORY: A 1930's era export from China. There are no maker's marks, just the characteristic "Silver" mark often seen on pieces of this era.

MATERIALS: Silver, enamel

SIZE: The bracelet measures 6 5/8" in length by 11/16" at its widest width.

CONDITION: Near perfect antique condition. The enamel is vibrant and no chips are evident. The metal work is completely intact. The clasp works perfectly and there is the original chain.

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