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Vintage Siam Peacock Pin

This lively little pin checks all the boxes - a highly symbolic totem animal, gorgeous enamel work, a deep history - and it's moveable! Much like a live peacock, the tail on this piece, which is on a hinge, moves up and down. The enamelwork is impeccable; largely green enamel with blue and red elements.

This piece hails from Siam - former day Thailand - in the 1940's and represents a typical and collectible piece of souvenir jewelry from the time.

Peacocks symbolize good luck, protection, spirituality and guidance. It would make a perfect gift or piece for a special day like a wedding.

HISTORY: Marked SIAM, 1940's

MATERIALS: Sterling silver and glass (enamel)

SIZE: This piece measures 2" north to south and 1 1/4 east to west.

CONDITION: Great condition for its age. There is some wear to the enamel, to be expected, but it's largely intact. The tail moves up and down freely!

So beautiful.

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