Rare Chinese Export Tiger's Eye Enamel Brooch


A rarity and stunningly beautiful - an Art Deco Chinese export brooch, with a large tiger's eye stone and a filigree style setting with vibrant enamel floral detailing. The bright colors in the enamel are a beautiful contrast to the more masculine and organic tiger's eye stone. The contours and height to the stone make for a really unique look.

The combination of the filigree style with the tiger's eye and the detail in the enamel give this such a vibrant flair and is a testament to superb craftsmanship. This is in excellent condition, hard to find, and priced right- don't miss out on this! This would make for a great bridal brooch or hair piece.

HISTORY: A 1920's era export from China. The underside of the brooch is stamped with "silver".

MATERIALS: Silver, enamel, tiger's eye.

SIZE: The brooch measures 1 1/4" east to west and 1" north to south. The rise/height of the piece is 9/16".

CONDITION: Near perfect antique condition. The brooch works great, and the enamel is completely intact. There is a slight hairline fracture in the stone, as can be seen in the photo. This doesn't compromise the integrity of the piece.

*Please note antique box not included with purchase.

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