I Am Enough and the Power of a Mantra Necklace

The story of a mother who understands that her history doesn't define her reality - she is more than enough just as she is.

The Crescent Moon: A Symbol of Life, Transition and Female Empowerment

crescent moon mantra necklace

Stacey has the uncanny ability to come up with pieces that help you tell a story you didn’t realize was buried deep. And she lets you tell it subtly through her jewelry. I chose the crescent moon. To me it symbolizes so much.

A Great Mother Despite Family Trauma

I was born the child of an alcoholic father and a mentally ill mother. Happy childhood memories were minimal. In 2008 I lost my little sister and have felt ever since that I failed in so many ways to save her.

I am now a mother of two amazing boys and a wife to an incredible partner. I wouldn’t have imagined my life would turn out “normal” and for the most part it is. But there’s always that piece of me that the parents I was raised by and the sister I lost take up in my heart, my fears, my emotions and my setbacks from what I know I can become.

The crescent to me represents those small pieces that make up my whole (the moon). I am starting to slowly see that I am so much more. And many of the things I am are because of and despite of the things that the small moon represents. I’m a good momma despite what I lived. I’m a good momma because I learned by example what not to be. I’m a woman that couldn’t save her sister from her demons but because of that it has made me a better listener to those that are struggling and hurting.

A Mantra Necklace: I Am Enough

Ultimately what this piece will remind me of every time I wear it is that no matter what parts we wish we could rid our heart and soul of, they make up who we end up being. For the good and the bad. And it’s better to face them head on than to deal with the fear of repeating history.

mantra necklace with birthstone

Thank you Stacey for letting me remind myself I’m enough and I’m a good mom wife friend and sister, just as I am.
Larger and smaller versions of the crescent moon necklace are available in the shop, customizable with your own word or mantra and a birth or power stone.  The smaller version is featured in this story.

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