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Crescent Moon Necklace - Larger Version


Jewelry for Strength at a Time of Change

One of the most powerful symbols in existence, the crescent moon (also called the waning or waxing moon) is a long held symbol of life, death, change and fertility. Crescent moons are associated with female empowerment and the cultural celebration of the moon goddess.  This symbolism leads the beautiful sinewy shape to appear in countless pieces of art, cultures and religions the world over.

Crafted from Recycled Metals

Our handmade crescent moon pendant, crafted entirely by hand from recycled sterling silver and 14k gold, offers not only the beautiful golden crescent but also the glimpse of the full moon behind it. This becomes a daily reminder that amidst change is the bigger picture, the fullness of life and love. We may only see the bright and beautiful crescent in the night sky, but the moon is always there, waiting for its next phase. 

Custom Hand Engraving and Custom Gemstones 

The meaningful nature of this piece doesn't stop at the front, however. On the back of this pendant is a hand engraving and stone of your choice - pictured is one where a name and peridot birthstone is used - the customer ordered this to remember her mother Marilyn. Engrave the name of a beloved person, a mantra you want to remember, or anything your heart desires. Choose a stone that is your birthstone, the birthstone of a beloved person, or merely a symbolic stone for the message you want to hold dear.

Inspired by a Woman's Story

We co-designed this piece with a customer who wanted something as a remembrance piece for her mother, but the necklace has been impactful for many others.

Read a story of one customer's powerful moon custom order:

Details on the Crescent Moon Pendant

MATERIALS: Solid 14k gold crescent, sterling silver moon, stone of your choosing. New sterling silver chain. Hand engraving.

PRODUCTION: This piece requires 2-3 weeks production time. It's handmade start to finish in Philadelphia, PA, USA - your purchase supports many artisans whose hands touch this piece! Please note that each one of these is made to order, so every single piece is unique and one-of-a-kind. Expect slight differences from what you see in the photos.

SIZE: This piece hangs 1 1/16" from the chain and measures 13/16" in diameter of the moon. It is also offered in a smaller size here. The stone is small, measuring approximately 1 mm. The engraving is done hand made, so variations in size and exact style of script will vary (however, the photos give you a good idea of what to expect). That's the beauty of handmade!

After ordering, please message us with the word you would like engraved and the stone you would like to have set into the piece.

A wonderful gift for a mother or anyone undertaking a big change in their life.

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