Custom Birthstone Ring for a Mother or Father - I Love You to the Moon and Back

I Love You to the Moon and Back

How many times have you said to your son, daughter or children - I love you to the moon and back?

I'm proud to introduce the newest piece in our Memoir Jewelry collection, a subtle and dainty ring with a powerful message. On the outside, a hand engraved moon and two gemstones of your choosing set within star settings. On the inside, the entirety of the phrase "I love you to the moon and back" done in hand engraving. 

A Mother's Ring Designed by her Daughter

This ring is a testament not just to the love of your children, but to the impact you're having on their lives everyday. It's a ring that was co-created with a 15 year-old girl for her mother on Mother's Day; when asked for a memory that stood out to her about her mother, she said that this phrase was always present and she wanted her mom to know it's made a difference and she loves her right back. How amazing is that?

Personalized Birthstone Ring

hand engraved birthstone ringIt's a ring that can tell many stories. If you have just one child, the combination of your birthstone and that of your child's is gorgeous. If you have more than two children, we can customize this piece by adding more gemstones.  Perhaps there a phrase that is more meaningful for you and your family that you'd like engraved on the inside? Or perhaps you'd prefer gold or platinum over silver? Yep, we can do all of these variations. Just message me to get started.











Sustainably Made Jewelry in Philadelphia

Like all of our Memoir jewelry, this ring is made of recycled silver and gemstones (where possible). It's handcrafted start to finish in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, by a team of artisans. From the caster, to the stone setter, to the hand engraver, this piece touches many artists' hands before it reaches yours.  You can wear it knowing that this family heirloom has helped build up other families.

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