Victorian Red Spinel Dainty Bangle


Such a lovely, dainty and classic late Victorian bracelet, with red spinel stones set in brass. These spinels, to the untrained eye, look exactly like garnets. They are a deep blood red, and glimmer different shades of red in the light. The style of this bracelet is really unique, from the cut of the spinel stone, to its thin and dainty profile.

There are no maker's marks, but the use of the red spinel, the hinged workmanship, and the cut of the stones speak to the Victorian, early 1900's period.

Red spinel (a natural stone) embedded in brass. In the Victorian era, spinel was often used in place of ruby and garnet, and many people bought these bracelets believing them to be one or the other!

This is a small bracelet, oval in form and measuring 2 1/16" in internal diameter by 1 13/16". The width of the bracelet is approximately 1/8"

Overall great condition for its age. The garnets are all intact, and appear to be set securely. The clasp is tight and it has the safety chain. However, there are a few small chips in some of the garnets - not easily visible unless you use a magnifying glass - and the bracelet has slightly warped over the years such that it doesn't sit completely level on a surface.

This bracelet is just lovely, and perfect as a bridal bangle, or for layering with a dressy outfit.

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