Guilloche Pink Enamel Rose Charm Necklace


A wonderful and very dainty guilloche enamel charm necklace, with a gorgeous rose in the center surrounded by green, in a vibrant pink background. The beauty of transluscent enamel like this is that you can see the pattern in the underlying silver, in this case what look like sunrays radiating out from the center. It gives such a tiny piece so much character.

This would make a wonderful pendant for a young girl - perhaps a flower girl - especially given its short necklace length, but it is also a beautiful gift for any lady in your life.

HISTORY: 1920's Art Deco

MATERIALS: Sterling silver, enamel

SIZE: This pendant is tiny, measuring 9/16" in diameter. The chain measures 15".

CONDITION: Overall great condition. The enamel is completely intact aside from one tiny little area of discoloration on the back, which is along the edge so hardly noticeable. The bail on the pendant is just slightly bent as well, again, hardly noticeable with the overall small dimensions of the piece.

*Please note antique box not included with purchase

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