Victorian Modernist Fob Locket


The design on this locket is unlike any I've ever seen from the Victorian time period, it's incredibly unique and beautiful. The interlocking geometric pattern is so modern feeling, and reminiscent of M.C. Escher, despite the fact that this locket was made well over 100 years ago.

The pattern is that much more striking for its combination of colors and metals, which make it so vibrant. We also love that it has movement to it - it has a hinge at the top which allows it to swing to and fro - and that the clasp on the chain is a very old style tube clasp. See a video of this locket, as pictures don't do it justice!

HISTORY: Late 1800's Victorian

MATERIALS: Gold filled chain; locket is mostly gold filled, with some copper and silver pot metal in the geometric design (and inside)

SIZE: The total locket, not counting the jump ring, measures 1 1/4" north to south, and 7/8" east to west. The chain measures 20".

CONDITION: Excellent condition for its age. There is slight wear to the gold fill at the hinge and opening, but the gold fill is in overall great condition. The locket closes as it should, but please note that the design of this piece is not to snap shut - it closes shut gently.

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