Antique Enamel, Pearl & Diamond Orchid Pendant Brooch


Undoubtedly one of the best enamel pieces we've ever come across - an antique Art Nouveau orchid, in a vibrant shade of purple with realistic green veins threading through the petals. Orchids have long-held symbolism around love, strength, beauty and virality, making this a powerful jewelry piece and wonderful gift.

Adorning the outer edges of the petals are pearls - all still with gorgeous coloring after all these years - and a gleaming old cut diamond sits in the center. This piece can be converted from a pendant which hangs on this chain, to a pin, giving you two jewelry pieces in one. On the back of the piece, as can be seen in the photos, is a pin mechanism with a "C" clasp, and a bail which folds down when worn as a brooch but can be lifted up and turned to make this into a pendant.

The enamel work on this piece is truly a work of art and iconic Art Nouveau. A time when flowing lines and nature themes dominated the jewelry and art world.

HISTORY: Art Nouveau, late 1800's brooch. The chain is vintage as well, but retro 1960's.

MATERIALS: 12k gold brooch, 14k gold chain, enamel, pearls, diamond

SIZE: The flower measures 1" in width and hangs 1 3/16" from the chain when used as a necklace. When used as a brooch, it's 1" east to west and 1" north to south. The pearls are different sizes depending on their position within the petal, but vary slightly larger and smaller than 1mm. The diamond is 2 mm, or .03 ct. The total weight with the chain is 6.4 g, and the chain measures 18".

CONDITION: Excellent condition. The pearls are crisp, diamond is bright, and the bail works great, folding up and down as it should. The only flaw to report is that there is one tiny chip to the enamel on the outer edge of one petal, which is hardly noticeable except upon close inspection.

Surprise the love of your life with this beauty and you can't go wrong!

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