Vintage Animal Charm Necklaces - Cow, Monkey, Chicken


You choose which sterling silver charm suits you best, and all three are fantastic! There is a monkey and a cow, both with moveable bobble-head style heads and tremendous detail. The monkey has a banana! The third is a chicken roosting on her chicks - when you lift her up, there they are! Underneath her nest is the comical phrase "no cover charge."

Each of these has its own symbolism - the cow represents abundance and fertility and is a sacred animal in Hinduism; the monkey symbolizes humor and play; the chicken, along with its humor in this case, symbolizes maternal love and protection.

*Please note if you are ordering multiple pieces - there is only one of each charm, so it's an either/or option in terms of the charm by itself or on a chain.

Each is available by itself or on a new 18" sterling silver chain.

HISTORY: All charms are retro 1960's.

MATERIALS: Sterling silver

SIZE: 18" chain (when chain is chosen as the option). The cow measures 13/16" tail to head, and hangs 5/8" from the chain. The monkey hangs 3/4" from the chain and measures 1/2" wide. The chicken is small, hanging 11/16" from the chain and measuring just slightly over 1/4" in width.

CONDITION: All charms are in great condition, and the chain is new!

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