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Antique Chatelaine Pencil


Once clipped to the waist belt of Victorian women, chatelaines were useful, yet beautiful instruments such as scissors, nail files, note pads, and in this case, pencils, which women could use for everyday tasks. This gold pencil chatelaine has a gorgeous hand engraved floral design and room inside to hold a real pencil (the current one needs some sharpening!) This piece would make a spectacular gift for a writer or teacher, and would look particularly good layered with other necklaces.

HISTORY: Victorian, early 1900's. The back has a name engraved on it of "V.C. Roma"

MATERIALS: 10k gold and a pencil inside. New gold filled chain.

SIZE: This piece hangs a long 3 1/8" from the chain and measures 3/8" wide. It hangs on a 18" chain

CONDITION: Beautiful antique condition. The pencil inside does need sharpening. However, the pencil does come out easily so you can replace it with a new one.

A truly special chatelaine.

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