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Antique Wax Seal Stamps

Whether to seal a letter to a loved one with a unique message, or for those of you who make wax seal jewelry, this is a gorgeous collection of antique wax seal stamps. These are very, and increasingly, rare. Once used in the Victorian era to affix a secret message onto an outgoing letter, these stamps are known for their highly detailed designs and their durability over time.

There are 7 total stamps to choose from in this listing; message me for better pricing to buy the whole set. Also, while I show one example of a stamp imprint through jewelry made out of it, I have imprints of most of these - message me. The stamps include:

1. A clear stamp which reads "Pry not if it be not yours"
2. A clear stamp that is a rebus which says: "An old fox wants no tutor" where it's words and then the fox as a pictorial.
3. A yellow stamp which says "No cheating" and has animals playing a board game!
4. A purple stamp which says "Hear see & be silent" and has a pictorial of an ear and eye
5. A purple stamp that is a rebus which says through images: "I hope you are well" (an eye + a woman leaning on an anchor + a yew tree + the word "are" + a well)
6. A clear stamp which says "The peace of god be with you" in words.
7. A green stamp which says "A letter softens the pains of absence"

All are in great condition. In stamp option #2, the "r" in "tutor" is slightly cut off. It still make a nice imprint and is understandable overall.  As far as sizing, the smallest is 7/16" wide, and most are around that size. The biggest, #5, is 5/8" wide. 

These stamps are a fantastic way to pack a meaningful and sentimental message into a very small package.

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