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Antique Carnelian Fob with Rebus

Whether to seal a letter to a loved one with a unique message, or for those of you who make wax seal jewelry, or to be worn on a necklace, this is a gorgeous 1800's gent's fob. These are very, and increasingly, rare. Once used in the Victorian era to affix a secret message onto an outgoing letter, and worn by men on their vest (and attached to a pocket watch), these stamps are known for their highly detailed designs and their durability over time.

This beautiful fob has the message "Farewell" which is spelled out with "fare" and the pictorial of a well, engraved on a deep orange Carnelian stone. The setting for the stone has curves and chasing, making for a really beautiful necklace charm should you choose to wear it that way.

*Please note that one picture shows the jewelry charm that was made from this stamp, but this listing does not include that necklace.

HISTORY: Late 1800's Victorian

MATERIALS: Carnelian and gold filled metal

SIZE: This is a dainty piece, measuring 13/16" long by 1/2" wide

CONDITION: Beautiful antique condition.

Such a lovely piece that is sure to sell quickly.

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