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Chestnut Hill College 1960's Gold Signet Ring


There is no replacement for the warm buttery gold and dings and dents that come with a well loved signet ring. This beautiful class ring has a powerful school motto emblazoned on the front - "Laurus crescit in arduis," or, honor comes through hard work. While this school-specific engraving could be buffed out to hold your own design, the current design is beautiful and worth preserving.

This ring hails from the Chestnut Hill Academy, a school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that has been around 300 years (with specific dates along the way where the school changed name and form). This piece has the school's motto, the year 1879, and the Greek symbols Sigma Sigma in a crest. The ring fits perfectly on the finger, still quite thick yet well worn and loved.

HISTORY: The inside of this ring is engraved with the initials of "AWP" and '64, for the class of 1964. This was acquired from the woman who graduated from this school.

MATERIALS: 10k gold

SIZE: Ring size 4. The ring weighs 7.98g. The face of the ring measures 1/2" by 7/16"

CONDITION: The ring is in great condition for its age, albeit with some minor dings and scratches. The band and overall ring is still quite thick.

A perfect signet ring!

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