Siam Thai Niello Necklace and Screw Back Earring Matching Set


A gorgeous Siam black Niello screw back earring and necklace set, featuring detailed depictions of the goddess Mekkala, the goddess of lightning. This goddess is featured in the Thai legend Ramakien.

Crafted for tourists to Siam - modern day Thailand - back in the 1940's, this oblong shaped matching set is rare. They are sleek and moody pieces!

HISTORY: 1940's, made in Siam (modern day Thailand)

MATERIALS: Sterling silver

SIZE: The necklace length is 18". The necklace pendant measures 1 7/8" by just shy of 1/2". The earring length top to bottom measures 1 3/4".

CONDITION: Beautiful vintage condition. We have only cleaned these pieces slightly, leaving a bit of a patina, which adds depth and character.

A stunning set!

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