Siam Thai Niello Ramakien Bracelet


A gorgeous Siam black Niello panel bracelet, featuring various gods and goddesses from the the Thai legend Ramakien. Common as tourist jewelry in the 1940's, in what is now modern day Thailand (then called Siam), each piece of Siam jewelry has unique depictions of Gods and Goddesses, and the use of black niello is commonly seen. Handmade by artisans at the time, the recipe for creating the Niello effect was a trade secret of each batch of artisans that made them, so no two pieces are typically alike.

HISTORY: 1940's, made in Siam (modern day Thailand)

MATERIALS: Sterling silver

SIZE: The bracelet measures approximately 2 1/4" internal diameter (there is some fluidity given that these are links), and measures 7.5" in length.

CONDITION: Beautiful vintage condition. We have only cleaned this lightly, leaving a bit of a patina, which adds depth and character.

A stunning piece! See our shop for additional Siam jewelry.

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