Art Deco Rose Gold Scarab Stick Pin


Scarabs date back centuries in their use in jewelry, used for their symbolism around protection and good luck. Real beetles were used in Victorian times, and the trend evolved to carved stones in later decades. This stick pin is a beautiful example of a scarab piece, with just a small carnelian scarab taking center stage. The scarab has beautiful carved details, front and back. This is a dainty piece that will add just the slightest touch of character and unique adornment to a tie, lapel, dress or even hair.

HISTORY: Estimated 1920's Art Deco.

MATERIALS: 14k rose gold, carnelian

SIZE: The scarab measures 7/16" north to south by 3/8" east to west. The stick pin overall measures 2 7/16" in length. The pin weighs 1.96 g.

CONDITION: Great condition overall. There are some light scratches to the pin part.

A perfect "gift for him" for the upcoming holidays! *Please note antique box not included with purchase, although all jewelry is wrapped nicely!

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