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Vintage Garnet Lavalier Necklace

The sheer size of this piece is spellbinding, and harkens to the Georgian and Victorian days of large pendants which could standout amidst high and thick dresses. While this pendant is more modern, the floral styling, cut of garnet and dimensional shape gives it the most beautiful antique and classic feel. My favorite characteristic of this pendant is the multi-hued garnets - some are a more vibrant red while others are a delicious purple hue. When against the skin the piece appears more uniform, but these colors come alive when the sun passes through the stones.

An absolutely magnificent piece, perfect for the January birthday or as a special gift of love.

HISTORY: There are no maker's marks on this piece. Given the construction we estimate this to be 1960's.

MATERIALS: 14k gold, garnet, gold filled chain (new)

SIZE: This pendant is a statement piece, measuring 2 1/8" north to south by 1" east to west. It weighs 9.32 g. The chain is 18".

CONDITION: Gorgeous vintage condition.

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