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The 12 Days Gift Guide - Day 8 - Talismans

With the meaning and symbolism that come along with the holidays, a gift in the form of a talisman is a great match. ¬†It will be a piece of jewelry that can be worn everyday into the new year. Today's deal: Buy any one of these pieces and get a second 25% off. ¬†Contact us for details.   Elephant handmade necklace Handmade monkey necklace   We've cast some fun animals out of children's toys, and this good luck elephant¬†(trunk's up means good luck!) and protection monkey are among them. ¬†These would not only bring a smile to the face of anyone who opens this gift, but they will offer a symbolic staple for their wardrobe. Handmade strength necklace ball and claw Since ancient times in Asia, up through British and early colonial times in the United States, the symbol of the ball and claw has shown up everywhere from jewelry to furniture. ¬†Originally in Asia, it would have been a dragon's claw, but the States reinterpreted it to an eagle's claw. ¬†In either case, it symbolizes strength and protection. ¬†Give this handmade ball and claw necklace to someone who needs it! May it Watch Over You NecklaceHandmade anchor wax seal necklace Nearly all of our wax seal necklaces can be considered talismans, but these two in particular are deeply meaningful - the "May it Watch Over You" seal with the all-seeing eye, and the anchor and mast piece, which symbolizes hope and steadfastness.   Vintage gold anchor necklaceVintage evil eye bracelet Speaking of anchors...this solid gold Victorian anchor pendant is precious and beautiful. ¬†On the fun side is a glass and sterling silver evil eye bracelet in a bright and inviting shade of blue.   Gold Jewish Mezuzah necklaceVintage gold filled scarab bracelet   Mezuzahs have been placed on the doorposts of Jewish households for centuries, and this Mezuzah necklace allows you to wear the talisman on your neck. ¬†Then a simple filigree gold filled scarab bracelet brings with it good luck and many different stones that offer protection.   Vintage malachite zuni bear necklace. Zuni bears are a long-held symbol of strength and protection in the Native American Zuni community. This beautiful dimensional bear also has the protective stone of malachite in it. ¬†It's on quite a long chain, so it brings a bohemian and layered look to your wardrobe.

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