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The 12 Days Gift Guide - Day 6 - Gifts for the Spiritual Person

We're halfway through our 2016 Gift Guide, and today we highlight beautiful pieces for the spiritual person. ¬†Today's deal is: Buy any of these pieces today and we'll donate 20% of profits to GreenFaith - an interfaith environmental organization, helping faith institutions across the world protect the environment.¬† Hey, these are spiritual pieces after all! :)   Our Lady of Lourdes Virgin Mary necklace Our Lady of Lourdes Virgin Mary necklace   One of my favorite pieces in the shop - a 1920's camphor glass necklace featuring the Virgin Mary and a prayer encircling her. ¬†It's a timeless piece that would make a gorgeous Christmas gift. Gold Jewish Mezuzah necklaceMecca Holy Land necklace   Often, mezuzahs are found at the doorways of Jewish households, imparting a prayer and blessings for the house. In this case, we have a stunning gold mezuzah adorned with a flower and Hebrew in enamel. ¬†Inside is a teeny tiny Torah scroll. ¬†On the right we have a tourist piece from Mecca, a resin and gold tone locket with a small booklet inside with verses from the Quran. Gold diamond cross necklaceAntique filigree rosary   You can't get much more classic than a simple gold cross with a diamond, and for the antique lover we have an 800 silver intricate filigree rosary.   The Peace of God be With You necklaceMay it Watch Over You Necklace   For those seeking handmade options, we have a religious wax seal necklace with the blessing "The Peace of God Be With You", and for those who are spiritual but not religious we have our bestselling "May It Watch Over You" seal with the all seeing eye. Finem Respice wax seal necklace Last but not least, we have a Buddhist inspired wax seal necklace which reads "Finem Respice," a Latin phrase meaning "Consider the End". ¬†Buddhists are always keeping death top-of-mind, and this is a great reminder.

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