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The 12 Days Gift Guide - Day 4 - Gifts for Under $100

The holidays are a time when we're all looking for a special gift that won't break the bank, given the number of gifts given. So today we highlight the best gifts in the shop for under $100! The deal for today is an additional $10 off any of these items - contact us to get the code. ¬†And don't forget to visit the Etsy shop for many other items under $100. vintage gold filled cameo locketantique carnelian beaded necklace                 Lockets are always a good gift, and this beautiful cameo gold filled locket is no exception. ¬†Of course, if you know someone obsessed with flapper style and the 1920's, this retro carnelian beaded necklace is the way to go. vintage silver garnet earringsvintage jasper earrings                 A flair of red in a holiday outfit is always in style - do so through a gift of these vintage silver garnet earrings, or this Mexican silver red jasper set. vintage gold filled bangle Vintage mosaic bracelet                 Gold filled bangles make any outfit, and this one reminiscent of a disco ball is a steal. ¬†Then we have an Italian made micro-mosaic bracelet, perfect for the traveler (or those dreaming of it!). Quran necklace Vintage Scottish Terrier brooch                 And on the unique side, we have a vintage necklace from Mecca, with texts from the Quran inside, and a beautiful Scottish Terrier marcasite brooch, great for the dog lover. Last but not least, every wax seal necklace in our shop is $65, and makes for the perfect gift. ¬†Browse the shop today; we'll offer the $10 discount on any choice!

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