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The 12 Days Gift Guide - Day 12 - Best of the Best

We've made it! It's the 12th day of our "12 Days of Holiday" gift guide and today we feature the "best of the best" - our most favorite and best pieces from each of the days so far. ¬†This means today you get the following deal on some of the best pieces we've got: 12% off any one of these items and free shipping! Contact us for the code. Day 1: Gifts for Friends You can't go wrong with a solid gold antique anchor necklace - so much symbolism, and so much beauty! ¬†Anchors have long-held symbolism around hope and steadfastness, and of course, of something that keeps you steady and grounded amidst a storm. Vintage gold anchor necklace                 Day 2: Gifts for Lovers Hands down the best earrings in the shop - great for a holiday, great for a wedding, and the type of Audrey Hepburn-esque piece that will be cherished and passed down through the generations. Pearl and diamond earrings Day 3: Gifts for the Animal Lover We're cheating on this day and picking two of the best - first, our favorite piece from the shop, which is the early 1900's double headed gold snake garnet ring. It's incredible. ¬†Then, as a more affordable option, our handmade elephant necklaces which come in silver or brass, and bring good luck! Antique garnet double snake rose gold ringElephant charm good luck necklace Day 4: Gifts for Under $100 Cuteness overload! ¬†Any dog lover would adore this Scottish Terrier marcasite brooch, and we're in love with it. Vintage Scottish Terrier brooch                 Day 5: Gifts for the Southwestern Lover There are so many pieces from this day that are amazing, but our favorite is this older Native American necklace with turquoise, coral and a great feather motif. ¬†It's a sure-fire bet for the person who loves this style. Vintage coral and turquoise feather necklace Day 6: Gifts for the Spiritual Person Our favorite from this day would have been the gold and enamel Mezuzah necklace, but that sold! So our second favorite is this classic for Christmas, a simple and dainty gold cross with a lovely diamond in the center. Gold diamond cross necklace Day 7: Gifts for the Holiday Bride It's the time of year! Lots of weddings, and lots of people getting engaged. ¬†Of all the lovely pieces we featured on this day, my favorite are these precious garnet cluster earrings. ¬†These earrings have been the most well received item in our shop, so we have no doubt they'll sell before the holiday. Vintage garnet stud earrings                 Day 8: Talismans With its ancient symbolism and funky design, our favorite from this day is our handmade ball and claw pendant. It's dainty enough to be an everyday staple, and unique enough to be a statement piece. Handmade strength necklace ball and claw                 Day 9: Silver and Gold With New Year's just on the horizon, our pick has to be the H. Stern vintage "sputnik" ring. We're in love with it's playfulness and its vibrancy - look at all of those different natural stones on the dome! ¬†We just can't get over it, we love it so much. Vintage sputnik multi stone gold ring Day 10: Gifts for the Art Deco Lover This is a tough pick, since the Art Deco time period is one of my favorites, but this one rises to the top both for its historical significance (ties to the Titanic!) and its coloring - the Ostby & Barton agate sterling silver ring. Vintage agate and sterling silver ring                 Day 11: Gifts for the Romantic There's something about enamel that gets me every time. So my pick from this day is the vintage gold and blue enamel flower ring. ¬†The cobalt blue is just so vibrant and beautiful. Antique blue enamel flower ring   Enjoy the last of your shopping, and have a wonderful holiday and New Year! We're grateful for your business, and we look forward to a healthy and beautiful 2017!

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