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The 12 Days Gift Guide - Day 3 - Gifts for the Animal Lover

We all know someone in our lives who adores animals, and everyone has a favorite critter. ¬†Today we highlight the many animal-themed items we have in the Stacey Fay shop, and the special deal for the day is: Free shipping on any of these items! ¬†Contact us to get the free shipping code, and happy shopping!   rose gold elephant necklacerose gold fish necklace   There's nothing quite like Victorian rose gold - the lovely pink hue is different than what you'll find today, and much warmer. ¬†We acquired these two charms together, not surprisingly, as both are good luck charms. ¬†Check out the gold elephant necklace or good luck fish necklace. Faithful dog charm necklaceElephant charm good luck necklace   In the handmade section of our shop, you'll find this adorable dog wax seal charm necklace (I'd say "faithful" is an apt description for our furry friends) and this amazing elephant charm necklace - cast from a children's toy!   No cheating animal charm necklace Equality rabbits charm necklace   The Victorians were a funny bunch, and so many of the seals they used on letters had interesting or weird phrases and figures. ¬†In these two cases we have charming and dainty options, with a "no cheating" wax seal charm on the left with two little animals playing a game, and the bestseller "on equal terms" wax seal with two rabbits meeting tail to tail. ¬†This seal has been a big hit since the US election, as a gift for those who said I'm With Her !   Chinese enamel filigree bird necklaceVintage peacock brooch We've got lots of birds in the shop right now, starting with this amazing 1940's Chinese filigree bird brooch with colorful enamel. ¬†This can be worn as a brooch or as a necklace, as shown here. ¬†These filigree pieces were an important part of the Chinese tourist trade in the 40's. ¬†Then we have a lovely vintage peacock brooch which moves! The tail moves up and down - gorgeous handcrafted vintage.   Vintage peacock earringsVintage silver bird ring As inexpensive gifts that pack a big style punch, we have these lovely vintage peacock earrings - you see the peacock's details as you turn your head! - and this St. Francis-esque dove bird ring. Antique garnet double snake rose gold ring And we've left the best for last - here's an incredible Victorian antique rose gold double snake head ring with garnets. ¬†See the listing for this piece's incredible history and details - it's a truly special piece.

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