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Mantra Ring in Sterling Silver


A daily reminder to stay true to yourself and your journey, even when traversing life's challenges. Available in sterling silver (as well as rose, yellow or white gold in a separate listing), and with customized hand engraving. 

Please message after ordering to specify the design you'd prefer on your blank panel, and whether or not you'd like touch-up engraving on the whole ring (see below for details).

A Symbolic Ring for Your Life Journey

The mantra ring holds eight panels - seven with hand engraved symbols and the eighth which is blank and can be customized with a letter or decorative engraving of your choosing. The symbols are universal ones which we all need when traveling along our path, whether it be as a parent, partner, young person embarking on the world, or someone changing career or life directions. Here are the seven symbols:

Heart: A reminder to have self compassion always. We can be hard on ourselves and there's no place for that in the realm of self-transformation!

Hand: A reminder to trust yourself.

Ship:  William Faulkner is quoted as saying: “You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.” It’s a powerful sentiment; this ship is a reminder to let go and let in.

Star: A reminder to trust the universe, or, if you're a person of faith, to trust in your God.  As one mentor put it to me many years ago, "life makes no mistakes," despite the messy journey at times.

Skull: Reminiscent of the Victorian era, the skull has been a long-held symbol of Memento Mori, or the idea that you never know if this day may be your last. So live it to its fullest!

Lion's Head: Have courage, dear heart! Embracing change isn't easy, but you can do it.

Ouroboros: An ancient symbol of a snake eating its own tail. It symbolizes wholeness, eternal transformation and the idea that new chapters often require shedding of the past.

{The ring is sold with these seven symbols on it. Wish to get this ring with entirely custom symbols? Be in touch; an entirely custom piece is a higher price point.}

Your Choice of Custom Engraving

In addition to the seven symbols you'll find on this ring, the eighth panel can be engraved with an initial of your choosing (if size allows) or some decorative engraving (see rose gold ring with the engraved "S as an example). This makes your ring that much more personal.  Be in touch to discuss your options.

You can also choose to get touch-up engraving for your ring. In the photos here you will see the original engraved ring in rose gold, and the casted version in sterling silver. The casted version is the one you will receive. In it, the engraving is not quite as crisp, although that gives it a lovely vintage feel. It's up to the look and feel you want for your own ring. Touch up engraving costs an additional $75, which will be billed separately.

Measurements of the Cigar Band Style Mantra Ring 

This ring is substantial yet still stackable. Measuring at 6mm wide and 2mm thick, it is very reminiscent of Victorian style cigar bands. It's meant to make a statement but still be an everyday staple in your wardrobe. 

Please note that the last blank panel will vary in size depending on your ring size. The size you see in the picture is a 6.5 - if you order this ring in a smaller size than that, the blank panel will be smaller. If you order it in a larger size, that blank panel will be larger. At a size 5 and larger there is sufficient room to have one or more initials engraved. 

Hand Engraved and Made in Philadelphia

Each panel on this ring contains hand engraving by the wonderful Lisa on Jewelers' Row in Philadelphia, done from her original sketch - a true work of art.   It's then cast in your choice of recycled metal, and completely finished in Philadelphia. It's the way jewelry was made for generations but you rarely see today.

Inspired by Antique Mos Maiorum Rings

Rare treasures today, antique Mos Maiorum rings held seven panels with the symbols defining ancient Roman society.  Several years ago I discovered these rings and was enamored of their fine detail and symbolism, seeking to recreate it with symbols for the modern era. Read more about the inspiration behind the mantra ring. 


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