Italian Painted Rose Necklace - Pink Flower


There is something about handmade paintings within jewelry that is intoxicating - the detail is remarkable, and the work of craftsmanship is evident. In this case you have a beautiful flowering pink rose, with a stem, leaves and a bud, on a black backdrop. This hand painted little masterpiece is encased within a silver setting, and can be worn as a necklace on the chain we're providing, or removed from the chain to wear it as a pin. A 2-in-1 jewelry piece which is classic and will stand the test of time.

HISTORY: Estimated to be late 1940's, as evidenced by the pin clasp type and the use of 800 silver. When we acquired this piece from a local shop, the shop owner told us the story of how he had purchased it - the woman who sold it to him had this custom made for her in Italy, and she even witnessed the artist hand painting the rose. While we can't verify this Italian provenance, it makes for an intriguing and interesting oral history of this piece!

MATERIALS: The pin/pendant is made of 800 silver and vermeil (gold over silver) rope-like accent. A small painting is inside a glass covering. The chain is new and is sterling silver.

SIZE: The pin/pendant measures 1 3/16" by 1". It is on a new 18" chain.

CONDITION: This is in fantastic condition; the painting is crisp, and the pin clasp works great. There is a patina on the back of the piece which we have only cleaned slightly, as it gives it tremendous character and speaks to its history.

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