Edwardian Flower Slide Necklace with Fob


A gorgeous and timeless Edwardian necklace, with the combination of a slide pendant and a fob. The stunning centerpiece is an oval slide pendant with elevated tricolor gold flowers on the front, and hand engraved flowers on the back. Dangling from the bottom is a lovely fob, with a citrine colored paste stone and a decorative rim of tricolor flowers. While the cork inside the slide pendant has disintegrated some, resulting in the slide not staying affixed in any place other than directly over the fob, this is an exquisite necklace. A perfect piece for the vintage bride!

HISTORY: Edwardian, early 1900's

MATERIALS: Most of this piece is gold filled metal, however, the raised tricolor gold decoration on the front is 14k gold as is the decorative rim on the fob. The fob has a paste (glass) stone, and inside the slide pendant is cork.

SIZE: The overall piece hangs down a total of 25". The floral pendant measures 1" in width by 3/4" in height. The floral pendant measures 7/16" thick. The fob hangs 3/4" from the chain.

CONDITION: Overall gorgeous antique condition. The main condition issue with this piece is that the cork inside of the slide pendant has disintegrated some over the years, and so it no longer acts as a true slide (e.g. you can't hold it in place bolero style). So when worn the slide pendant rests directly above the fob. There is also just the slightest bit of wear to the gold fill, mainly on the front of the piece. It's barely noticeable.

A classic necklace!

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