Red Czech Glass Feather Screw Back Earrings


Absolutely wonderful - signed - Czech jewelry with juicy ruby red glass stones and enamel accent. Like many classic screw back earrings, these sit on the ear in a unique and "big" way, almost like a fan or feather climbing up the ear. These are vibrant and fun earrings, perfect for the Czech jewelry collector.

HISTORY: 1930's Art Deco. Signed "Czecho" and "Czechoslavakia". Czech jewelry was known for its gorgeous glass molded pieced and intricate craftsmanship.

MATERIALS: Brass, glass, enamel

SIZE: These earrings measure 1 1/16" north to south. The width on the two earrings differ; one measures 9/16" and the other measures 11/16".

CONDITION: Beautiful vintage condition . The glass stones are in great condition, the enamel is intact, the screw backs work perfectly. The one earring is smaller in width than the other, but this isn't clearly evident when on the ears. It speaks to both the age and craftsmanship of these pieces.

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