Chatelaine Wooden Pencil Necklace


A collectible and rare wooden pencil with the stamp of Johann Faber Germany - an earlier stamping for this famous company. This dainty piece actually works, and was likely used as a chatelaine or fob pencil at one point and time. We've placed it on a new gold filled chain to give it a new life.

This would be an amazing gift for a teacher!

HISTORY: 1930's

MATERIALS: Gold filled chain, wooden pencil with plastic cap and metal bail.

SIZE: This is long but skinny, measuring 3 1/4" in length (when jump ring is included), and only 3.5 mm wide. The chain is 18".

CONDITION: Fantastic condition for its age. The pencil could stand to be sharpened, but we'll leave that up to the new owner! The necklace chain is new.

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