Black Hills TriColor Gold Grapevine Ring


Black Hills gold jewelry is a style of jewelry founded in the late 1800's in South Dakota; it's said the original designer came up with the idea through a dream during a time of starvation! The design of this ring is classic Black Hills gold, with the tri-color green, rose and yellow gold, along with the intricate leaf grapevine design. This ring has the hallmark for Landstrom's, one of the most well-know Black HIlls gold jewelry manufacturers.

It's a well made and beautiful piece, particularly with the way in which the vines and leaves wrap around each other, and the domed look to the ring as it ascends from the finger.

HISTORY: We estimate this ring as retro 1960's. This ring has the "L" hallmark for Landstrom's jewelry company, founded in 1878.

MATERIALS: 10k rose, yellow and green gold

SIZE: Ring size 7. The width of the ring on the top measures 7/16". The ring weighs 3.95 g.

CONDITION: Beautiful condition. The band is still thick and the design intact and crisp. There are some light scratches on the underside of the band.

A wonderful piece, particularly for the nature lover!

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