Baby Loss Necklace – Fixed Pendant


Honoring Pregnancy and Infant Loss 

Over one million women per year in the US alone experience miscarriages, and that doesn't count the women who experience stillbirths or the loss of a grown child. It's a heavy grief that often isn't acknowledged or discussed - and it's a grief I know well as I had two miscarriages before the eventual birth of my son. I made this necklace in an effort to bring comfort to those women experiencing baby loss, to be worn as a badge of courage, strength and remembrance.

Necklace Symbolism

This necklace features an intaglio style engraving of a blooming rose with rose buds attached at the stem. The charm hangs at a fixed point on the chain. Here is the symbolism and meaning behind this piece:

Blooming Rose – symbolizes the mother’s strength, resilience, and beauty. Roses are stunning and at times fragile, yet have thorns to protect themselves.

Rose Bud – Historically, particularly in the Victorian mourning era, the presence of a rose bud in jewelry represented a young child lost.

One Stem – The flower and bud are connected in one stem, symbolizing an eternal connection.

The Shape - Hundreds of years ago, the shape for a heart was in the form of a teardrop, like this pendant.

Handmade in Philadelphia, PA

Each piece is handcrafted start to finish in Philadelphia, with hand engraving and recycled silver. This is one version of several variations of this necklace.

Necklace Details

Note that the model is quite thin and wearing a 18" chain; on a typical woman this 18" necklace would fit just below the collarbone. You can also order a 16" version of this - see variation options when ordering. In addition, you can customize your charm with stones as shown in the photos; message us to get started on your own customized piece.

The pendant itself measures 9/16" north to south by 1/2" at its widest width.

Unless already in stock, this piece can take upwards of 4 weeks to create. Each necklace will be beautifully wrapped with an insert that describes its meaning, making it perfect for gift giving.

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